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Apr 9 2019

Ehr benefits, ehr benefits.

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Ehr benefits, ehr benefits., NEF2.COM

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Clients and Partners

Ehr benefitsCollaborateMD has built standard and customized HL7 interfaces for several EHR / EMR applications, both Preferred a nd Standard Partners supporting numerous specialties throughout the country. We have also developed strategic relationships with select partners to provide a seamless practice management, medical billing, and EMR solution for our customers.

We have established an affiliation with a select group of companies to further enhance our product offering and thus greatly improve your clinical and/or financial workflow. These companies were chosen by CollaborateMD based on their commitment to working closely with our team to ensure our customers are treated with respect and offered the best possible solutions in a transparent environment.

These relationships have allowed us to create a seamless integration of products and services with ongoing support to fully meet your specific needs and accommodate individual preferences.

Ehr benefits

We waive our interface fee and have a strong working relationship with these partners.

Ehr benefits

Ehr benefits

We have interface fees for these Standard Partners. We have a professional working relationship with these partners.

Ehr benefits

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