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Apr 8 2019

PATCH MANAGEMENT – FoxGuard Solutions

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Industrial control systems (ICS) in critical infrastructure are high-risk targets for attack and exploitation. Consistently monitored patches updates can help resolve security vulnerabilities, functional issues and meet regulatory compliance requirements.


NERC CIP compliance regulations state that registered entities are required to have a patch management process for tracking, evaluating and installing cyber security patches for their identified cyber assets of applicable systems.


Patch management can be time-consuming and very labor intensive. Most entities operate highly heterogeneous systems, often requiring multiple technical resources just to support continuous monitoring of hundreds of third party software and vendor websites for newly released patches. Utilities can spend over $500,000 per year, simply to monitor as many as 800 vendor sites for patch releases.


As the complexity of industrial control systems evolves, so does the number of devices and applications that need to be patched for both security and compliance reasons.


A robust patching solution requires a cyclical, consistently monitored solution that ensures a secure, healthy system. To ensure a successful patch management program, FoxGuard understands the basic steps in providing a secure patch management program:

  • Asset Identification Baseline
  • Availability Reporting
  • Applicability Reporting
  • Patch Acquisition
  • Patch Validation
  • Patch Deployment

Partner With FoxGuard

FoxGuard has proven excellence in not only meeting compliance requirements but also solving functional issues and security vulnerabilities. FoxGuard has deployed patching solutions in over 150 sites, in 15 countries in the past 10 years. Moreover, for a fraction of the price and time it takes to monitor patches, FoxGuard can deliver an automated patch management solution, customized for your operation.

Learn More About Our Patch Management Solutions

FoxGuard provides a wide range of patch management solutions that help entities identify and mitigate gaps in the security of their systems and prepare for NERC CIP audits. We host weekly webinar to discuss ways to develop and implement a robust patch management program. We encourage you to join this webinar and download the solution overview.

If you would like our security experts to contact you, then kindly share your contact details and a brief summary of your challenges.

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