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Sep 18 2018

Excel Dashboard Software

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Infocaptor Excel Dashboard license allows you to connect to flat files and Excel based data sources and quickly enable you to perform ad-hoc data visualizations.

The best tool to build your dashboards on your desktop and put them on the web or intranet

For very limited time, when you make a purchase you get free 60 mins of dashboard development/consultation. Once you request for the meeting, we will schedule a time and send you a webex or Gotomeeting invitation to join the meeting. We want to make sure you really get started building your dashboard.

Microsoft Excel Files can be used as database to store information and this data can be visualized on the dashboards.

In order to bring data from Excel to the dashboards there are some basic rules to be followed

Organize your data

Intuitive Visualizations that helps you find insights from your Data

Create Giant visualizations You have infinite canvas to work upon. Vector Graphics (SVG) scales with your imagination

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