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Jul 4 2018

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Detox Treatment – Rehab Centers

#drug #rehab #centers #in #kansas # Detox Centers How Can a Detox Center Help Me? Flushing the offending chemicals from one’s body is a crucial step in starting the recovery process, and it must occur before rehabilitation can begin. Depending on the type and severity of addiction, detoxing can be difficult or even dangerous to do without the care of a medical professional. Most drugs also carry their own host of withdrawal symptoms, which can make detoxing challenging if the individual is unprepared. With detox center supervision, you can be sure to stay safe and comfortable as you begin recovery. …

Jul 4 2018

Doctoral degree (Ph, doctoral programs in florida.#Doctoral #programs #in #florida

# Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) 2016 Doctoral Cohort The doctoral program prepares students for careers in academia and advanced clinical and administrative positions. Our program aligns with the University of Florida’s mission to prepare the next generation of scholars and professional leaders. Thus, our doctoral program is a good fit for individuals who want to fulfill the roles of counselor educators – research, writing, teaching, service, securing external funding to support scholarship, assuming professional leadership positions, etc. The doctoral program is ideally suited for individuals with previously earned masters and at least two years of clinical experience. Doctoral students complete coursework, …

Jul 4 2018

Group Term Life Insurance

#term #life #insurance #level # Group Term Life Insurance BREAKING DOWN ‘Group Term Life Insurance’ Group term life insurance coverage is made available to eligible employees at the time of hiring or when a benefits open enrollment period begins; association or member group policies have more flexibility as to when members can obtain coverage. Most group term life insurance coverage is simple to secure, done either by checking a box on a benefits form or informing the organization’s benefits coordinator. Individuals are not required to undergo medical underwriting to get coverage because the insurance company providing the policy pools the …