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Jan 31 2018

Online Six Sigma Training Certification

We offer four unique packages of six sigma courses and each include training and certification. Our courses range from Black Belt to Green Belt, Yellow Belt, and Lean Six Sigma offerings. We also provide master black belt and white belt certification.

The different levels of Six Sigma Certification give each employee a chance to contribute.

Our accredited training and certification programs allow every individual to participate in solutions to large organizational problems. This multi-level approach fosters team unity and leads to each employee feeling more valued by the company.

The course is the same as our Black Belt Training and Certification Program. To understand the difference please view this comparison .

This course trains and certifies those who will lead Six Sigma efforts within the organization. A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will drastically improve your employment opportunities. It not only certifies that your knowledge of Six Sigma but that your qualifications to lead efforts within the organization.

A certified Black Belt exhibits leadership qualities, understands team dynamics, and assigns all team members with roles and responsibilities. In their role, they also coach, develop, and advise the management and the employees to achieve their goals.

This course is the same as our Green Belt Training and Certification Program with a concentration on improving processes by using Lean principles. Companies that implement a Lean Six Sigma training program find that a majority of all the defects were created during the design process. DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is a rigorous approach to designing products and services to eliminate those flaws and defects.

This course trains and certifies the employees that will directly participate in Six Sigma projects. Our training develops enhanced problem-solving skills and teaches you to apply statistical methods for process improvement.

Our training and certification in Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean/DFSS are both industry-recognized.

Green Belt training is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their career. Improving the quality of processes and experiences has long been proven effective within production-based, service-based, or specialized environments. Employees trained in Six Sigma are well known to better satisfy customers and consistently increase profitability.

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