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Nov 30 2017

Are you having a hard time getting widespread usage of your traditional BI tools?

  • Are the tools too difficult to learn and use?
  • Do you need technical experts to create reports?
  • Is your turnaround time too long for reports?

Let us help you with our certified Tableau consulting services. We provide both technical and analytical services.

  • We prepare your data, helping with data collection, insuring data integrity, and making your data ready to be consumed by Tableau.
  • We help with thought-tasks which include goal and KPI definition.
  • We prepare and teach data visualization and dashboard development so you can really use the tools.
  • We even provide actionable recommendations.

Hard Close Enterprise 2015: Catching data entry errors in Dynamics SL before they turn into expensive problems.

Multi-currency Rate Uploader 2016 New. Automatic uploading of currency changes to save you lots of time and money.

Payroll to GL 2015: Automatic transferring of payroll data to Microsoft Dynamics SL to avoid errors and save lots of time and money.

SL Business Intelligence Accelerator: BI Infrastructure and SSAS cubes (G/L, A/R, A/P Projects) in about an hour. Price Reduced!

Numeric Formatter: Formats numbers in Microsoft Dynamics SL (almost 300 screens) to make them easier to read.

PV Editor: Simplifying the customization and configuration of Dynamics SL to fit your business needs while saving you time and money.

Programming services for VARs, Consulting Firms and End-Users.

We provide Faster customization services so you can concentrate on your business, thereby boosting the return on your Microsoft Dynamics SL investment.

Typical programming jobs:

  • Adding logic to existing SL screens.
  • Customizing or creating new Crystal or SSRS reports.
  • Writing data transfer interfaces between Dynamics SL and other systems.
  • Automating processes.
  • Writing windows screen applications; both in Dynamics SL and sometimes for unrelated data collection.
  • Creating and maintaining a data warehouse for business analysis.

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