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Nov 25 2017

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Paul Benson and Ammon Nelson are independent tax attorneys who help people resolve their tax issues. The IRS and the government have set up solutions to help people get back on the right track with their taxes. It is easy to get in trouble with the IRS since the tax code is so complex. We like read more

Currently Not Collectible means that a taxpayer does not have the ability to pay his or her tax debts at this time. The IRS can declare a taxpayer currently not collectible, after the IRS is shown evidence that a taxpayer does not have the ability to pay. Such evidence is usually obtained from the taxpayer on IRS read more

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As a Tax Attorney, I have helped taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, across the country negotiate a payment plan with the Internal Revenue Service. A payment plan, also called an Installment Agreement, is one of the quickest solutions that can be negotiated with the IRS. This is when you set up a payment plan that if you make your tax debt will be taken care of. In a payment plan you set up an agreed amount of payment that you make every read more

Reasonable Cause is the most common IRS penalty relief program. The IRS Manual gives the following definition. “Reasonable cause relief is generally granted when the taxpayer exercises ordinary business care and prudence in determining their tax obligations but is unable to comply with those obligations.” This basically means something out of the control of the taxpayer has taken place that has prevented you from filing or paying your taxes on time. Also it must be shown that you took read more

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